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Free and open source web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, Mozilla Corporation. Firefox was created in 2002 by a member of the Mozilla community named Phoenix. Firefox proved to be popular with its tester and was admired for its speed, security and combinations. The browser was released in November 2004 and has been very successful with over 60 million downloads challenging Internet Explorer. All cookies, history and passwords will be automatically removed when the window is closed, as new releases and updates are added, including private browsing. For any immediate Mozilla Firefox support, call our toll-free number 24 * 7.

Technical Support for Mozilla Firefox Browser

Web browsing is always fun and enjoyable when all the features and tools of the browser are fully utilized. Common events for the browser have now completely changed, and the browser will remember everything from login ID to password. The browser prompts you to search queries and favorite page. If you fail to handle Mozilla Firefox’s tools properly, you can contact Mozilla Firefox’s technical support number for guidance on a smooth browsing experience.

Mozilla Firefox Support Number For Help

Mozilla Firefox – Mozilla Firefox is popular for its fast speeds and different synchronization features. This feature allows you to access bookmarks, browser history and passwords. Through its tabbed browsing, you can instantly cross web pages in a private window.

Being an open source and free web browser, Firefox uses the Gecko layout engine to deliver web pages. Firefox has about twenty percent of the worldwide usage. Although Mozilla Firefox is the most popular web browser, sometimes Firefox needs troubleshooting tips to fix any issues with the browser. We’ll help you install and set up the Mozilla Firefox browser. You need to contact our toll Free for Mozilla Firefox Support Canada.

How to install Mozilla Firefox Browser?

Go to the Mozilla website and download the Firefox installer from there. Select the type of custom or standard installation. The standard option is useful for general users. If you choose a custom option, you will be presented with the options below:-

  • Select your installation location.

  • Install the maintenance service. This option can be disabled if you want to manually install updates.

  • Now select where to place the icons. You will be given the option of selecting the Quick Launch menu, Start menu and Desktop.

  • Select if you want to make Firefox your default web browser.

  • Launch Firefox Installer Now, after a few seconds Mozilla Firefox will be installed and you can start browsing the web.

  • Now import all your settings, such as passwords, history, bookmarks from your previous web browser.

How to setup Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Customer Support allows you to sync your browsing history, bookmarks, installed plugins and open tabs on your computers and other devices.

  • • You must sign up for a Firefox account to use Sync.

  • • Click on the “Hamburger” menu icon on your top right and select the “Sign in to sync” option.

  • • After the registration process, Firefox will start syncing your data.

By default, Sync stores your history, tabs, bookmarks, passwords, installed add-ons and options. This way, you can set up Mozilla Firefox with browser technical support.

How to configure Mozilla Firefox?

If you want to configure Firefox Browser:-

  • • Go to the menu bar and choose “Tools”.

  • • Now click on “Options”. The Options panel displays seven icons, including Main, Tabs, Content, Apps, Privacy, Security and Advanced. Click the “Main” icon in the Options panel in Firefox.

  • • You will find three types of options – Startup, Download and Extra. Use the Startup Options to identify which web page you want to load when accessing Firefox. With download options, specify if you want Firefox to display download windows when downloading.

  • • Now click on the “Tabs” icon. Select how Firefox tabs should work. Then click on the “Content” icon.

  • • If you want to run JavaScript and Java, block pop-up windows and load images instantly. Clicking on the “Apps” icon, you will see a list of different file types and their associated applications.

  • • If Firefox wants to accept cookies, retain the historical data and use the privacy icon to clear your personal data. The security icon indicates if Firefox wants to warn you when other sites are forcibly installing the plug-in.

  • • Clicking on the “Advanced” icon, you’ll see four tabs: “General,” “Network,” “Update” and “Encryption”. With the “General” tab, you can set spelling and scrolling options. The “Network” tab affects cache size and connection settings. The “Update tab” gives you the option to update Firefox. “Encryption tab” registration certificate and protocol options.

Mozilla Firefox Technical Issues:

  • • How to install Mozilla Firefox?

  • • Mozilla Firefox setup issues.

  • • Error while changing settings

  • • Customization problem

  • • Firefox does not load pages

  • • How to clear cookies, history or cache in Mozilla?

  • • Runtime error

  • • Printing issues

  • • Firefox does not respond

  • • Mozilla Firefox crashes

  • • Mozilla Firefox update issues

  • • Runs very slow

  • • Add-ons issues

  • • I cannot open Mozilla Firefox

  • • Issues with Flash Player

  • • Start-up problems due to software conflicts

  • • Firefox denies access to some websites

  • • Mozilla Firefox Popup issues

  • • RHow to block unwanted toolbars?

Following are offered Mozilla Browser Support Services to Issues:

  • • Support service to set up the Mozilla Firefox Browser successfully

  • • Support regarding installation of java script

  • • Support for flash player and pop up browser

  • • Support for restoration and reopening of browser session

  • • Support for finding the keyboard shortcuts

  • • Support for firewall setup successfully

  • • Support for protection and security

  • • Support for managing and deleting browser history

  • • Support for internet security from virus

  • • Support for personalization of interference as per stability

  • • Support for bookmark and adding favorites

  • • Support for synchronization

  • • Support for cookies and cache clearing

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