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Software Technology support for home and small Businesses PC users. Timely Support for computer Operating system, peripherals, gadgets, Virus and malware elimination, Internet issues, problems with printer, scanner, Support on financial software and computer optimization etc.

  • Technical Support for PCs

    our technical support includes all kind of computer fix services…

  • Financial Software Support

    Get world class solutions for your Financial Software...

  • Support for Operating System

    your hunt for Operating system support comes to an end..

  • Technical Support for E-mail

    we will help you with all e-mail issues!...

  • Technical Support for Printer

    stuck with problems on your printer? Don’t worry? Contact us…

  • Support for PCs security

    we will make all your fear of viruses disappear! Our technical support is the best…...

  • PC Optimization & maintenance

    Frustrated with your slow and infected PCs..Call our technical support…

  • Support on Network Devices

    problems with internet or network devices..We will take care…

Services & Support

Our technical support is available for any of your computer related issues. All you need to do is explain the trouble you are facing with your computer and our technicians will start working towards resolving them. Our services will assure your computer issues are fixed securely and real time. Our is completely secure as you can view the commands used by our technician for troubleshooting. Backlinkdir Services certified technician will effectively resolve issues related to installation or uninstallation of programs, upgrade, PC optimization, computer performance and many more.

  • IT Maintenance

    Resolving daily on-going different it problems by expert team easily and conveniently.

  • Software Support

    To start working with a new software could be challenging.our expertise helps our customers to make it easy.

  • Network Integration

    We offer best network solutions for all home and Business users.

  • Computer Security Configuration

    We provide the protection of computer from theft or damage to the hardware, the software.

What other solutions We have For You Canada

Apart from the services listed above, you can subscribe to our yearly technical support plan which is one stop tech support and helps to avoid any complexities regarding all computer software problems. You get in house online technician available round the clock for all software issues. You don’t need pay every time you have a computer problem and why it helps a lot to save your time and money.

  • Productivity improvements 92%
  • Improved business scope 70%
  • Savings in terms of costs, resources and time 45%
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