Yahoo Mail Not Working - How To Fix Yahoo Mail Problems?

Yahoo Mail is efficient, reliable and trustworthy in receiving, sending and managing emails. It is one of among email platforms which are used in large extents almost by every third individual. Several reasons are indicating why users are not receiving and sending emails to someone while using it. If you are facing these issues of not receiving or sending emails at Yahoo Mail, then you can follow a few measures to resolve Email Not Working Error soon.

What are the troubleshooting measures for Yahoo Email Not Working?

On Desktop

  • Verify Your Account to Encounter Any Failures

Sign-in to your email account with your user ID and Password and send a test email to yourself. If you haven’t received an email, then examine it to fix correctly. If you have received an email, then it is working now.

  • Verify Your Yahoo Email Account Settings

Open the spam folder and verify whether an email is mismarked as spam or not. Be assured that you have not disabled the user. Try to send a reply to your email and check whether an email is directed mistakenly to other folders or not. If everything is clear, then this error is resolved.

  • Ask the Sender to Check The Email Sent by You

Ask the sender to check that email sent by him is correctly showing the status of sent or not. If he is facing any issue regarding sending emails, then ask him to take the help of a service provider to fix this issue.

If the issue is not resolved, then contact Yahoo Customer Service which is available 24/7 for your assistance.

On Mobile

  • Using the Mobile Browser

Yahoo not working due to poor Internet Connection. Check that your device is connected correctly with the internet or not and if it is connected, then start the process to update the browser of your device. Tap “Force stop” option and clear internal caches and memory. Turn off the private browser and open the location services.

Restart your mobile device. Now, uninstall or reinstall your web browser and use a new one. Update the mobile operating system with the latest version or contact the manufacture for further assistance.

  • Update Yahoo Email App

Establish the App Store on your device. Move to “My Applications” and tap on it. Choose Yahoo App and Tap the “Updates” and click on it to update your Yahoo App soon. If you are not finding any “Update” tab, then your Yahoo App is updated.

  • Sign-in and Sign-Out of the Yahoo Email App

Open the App and click on profile image and then tap “Sign-out” to remain yourself out of the account. Now, again tap the App and click on your profile icon to sign-in by entering your Email id and Password. In this way, Email Not Receiving messages error will be removed.

  • Uninstall and Reinstall the Yahoo Email App

Move to the Main Menu of your Mobile and go to “Settings” and then click on “Accounts and Sync” and “Manage Accounts” tab will appear and select the expected account you wish to switch on. Next, move to tab “Remove Account” and click here to uninstall it.

To reinstall it, Move to the Main Menu of your Mobile device, go to “Settings” and then tap “Accounts” and select an “Add Account” option. Choose “Email” and enter your full email address and password and then tap the “Next” option and then choose the “verify” option to check your new email and then again click “Next” button to reinstall it again at your mobile device.

Now you can type a description and your name and then tap “Next” option to remove email not receiving issue.

If these all steps are not able to solve Email Not Working Error issue, then contact Yahoo Support to resolve it soon.